Monday, July 2, 2012

Unexpected development

I came home last night to find a downed tree limb in my driveway.  Other than my roses, I don't think any damage was done.  I wasn't at home, otherwise, this would have wiped out my car!  Here are some images.

This was a picture I took last night when I got home.  I thought it was a pretty good picture at the time, but I've got better now that the sun is up.

 Here's a shot of the end of the limb hitting the porch.  It looks like it just barely missed the house.
 Even with my 18-55 zoom set to 18mm for maximum field of view, I had to go to the edge of my yard to get the whole limb in the frame.
 Here's one of the damaged tree.
And here's a look at my driveway from the back of the house.

I certainly wasn't expecting this when I came home from pool last night.