Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kids and To-do lists

I watched my sister Michele's kids last Sunday afternoon. My nieces took to the idea of a to-do list for the visit when I suggested it. Blake kind of came up with an implicit to-do list of play video games and read about video games on the web.

Here's Taylor's list:
  • Paint
  • Play Rock Band 1 (because we haven't played that one in a really long time)
  • Bounce on the ball (a big red exercise ball)
  • Play chess
  • Practice Karate kicks and chops
  • Eat candy cane
  • Color pictures
  • Help Eric do chores
  • Play Lego Rock Band
  • Eat rest of candy cane (added after she decided she wouldn't eat the candy cane all at once)
  • Eat fancy chocolate now (as in, before lunch and not for desert)
  • Eat lunch
  • Do Karate punches
  • Bounce on ball (the ball was popular)
  • Help Ma do chores
  • Help Eric do chores
  • Color pictures for Ma
  • Draw weird pictures
  • Eat lunch
  • Do Karate kicks
  • Do Karate punches (she scared Lauren & Taylor with her kicks & punches)
  • Play Lego Rock Band
  • Eat fancy chocolate for desert
  • Bounce on big red ball (I told you the ball was popular)
  • Help Ma do chores
There are some interesting differences. Taylor's list was the shortest, and she was the least interested in keeping the list up to date. For example, she did paint a picture of her suffed dog Mojo, but didn't mark that item off her list.

Regan was most concerned with accuracy. For example, she didn't mark off Rock Band even though we decided we didn't have time for it.

Lauren on the other hand was most concerned with making sure everything was scratched off the list. To this end she, marked off Rock Band once we decided we didn't have time to play, marked off Help ma with chores when she left my house, and marked eat lunch when I started cooking it.

One thing I thought was interesting was how Lauren and Regan mixed fun with work on their lists. Arguably, Taylor's list and Blake's implied list are nothing but fun. I don't think most adults would approach their to do lists that way, but maybe we should. To that end, my list for the weekend will include the following:
  • Do taxes
  • Watch Superbowl