Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday season

I should more specifically say that it is birthday season for my nieces and nephew. Tomorrow is my niece Regan's 8th birthday. By mid-December, Blake will be 10, Karina will be one, and the twins will be 6. The twins seem older than that for some reason, maybe it's because Lauren has glasses and Taylor is so large for her age.

Speaking of Taylor, I heard that she though wearing uniform shorts to school entitled her to use the boys restroom even to the point of using the urinal.

In non birthday news, the two barbs the Clark kids got me on Labor Day seem to be doing well. They will venture out of their hiding places around the tank, but one of the barbs is noticeably more shy than the other. I think I might try adding another silver dollar or two next.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's been nearly a month since my last post.

In a whirlwind recap:
  • I'm going to Spain in less than a month
  • Me, Mom, Dad, and Blake went to a Riverbats game for Dad's birthday with help from free tickets I got from work.
  • I made the last production turn on a 6 month project that lasted 18 this week.
  • I got two new fish in my aquarium, which seem to be doing well.
  • I tied for first place in a chess tournament after posting my game against an IM to this blog.
  • My nieces and nephew wanted to get me the more fish, which is why I have new ones. Taylor rode with me back to my house holding the fish. On the way, she told me that we needed to come to a decision about where to hold her birthday party. She wanted to do it at my house, but her twin sister Lauren wanted to have it at Chuck E Cheese.