Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time is a funny thing.

Yesterday, Lauren and Taylor turned 7. When they were born, I was working in Jacksonville at Blue cross. I didn't get to see them until Christmas, and I had never seen babies so tiny. They were both probably in the 4, maybe 5 pound range.

I like to tell this story, but my co-workers in Jacksonville wanted to see pictures of the twins. I had one with Michele, Suzanne, and Caroline all in the picture with Lauren and Taylor. One asked which of my sisters was the mother. Ironically, I think that was probably another Lauren Elizabeth who asked that question. Another, Robbin Thomas, didn't let me answer, she said, "Oh that's easy. She's the one who looks tired." (I wish I had a digital version of that photo to attach.) All that would have been December of 2003 and the first week of January 2004.

When I moved back to Louisville in 2007, the twins would have just turned 3. In that time, I would have left Blue Cross to take a job at another company, been laid off from that job, and found a job in Louisville so that I could move back home. Also, when I moved back home, Regan was 5, and Blake was 7, the same age the twins are now. Furthermore, Karina, Ethan, and Abby had yet to be born.

Oh well, I guess that's enough musing on time for now.