Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cleaning makes me tired

So Caroline was over last night to help me clean, and I got very sleepy. Some of this is undoubtedly that I stayed up late the last two nights reading books online. Specifically books from http://www.projectaon.org/en/Main/Home However, I think it's just as much that cleaning makes me sleepy.

I was buying those books through my teen years. Many of them from a small, independent bookstore near the Village 8 theater in Louisville. How can you do better than seeing a dollar movie and getting a new book all in one day? Anyway, the dollar theater is now $3 and the prospects of the dodo look better than those of independent bookstores. With Borders closing, the future of big bookstores is in doubt too, but I'm digressing. I was never able to find book 20 of this series in print in the US.

If you haven't clicked on the link above, these books are part game/part story. So with a spreadsheet instead of paper and pencil, I went through all 20 books recently. I think my nephew Blake would like these, but maybe a book that is also a game is less interesting in the era of PS3 & XBox 360. At any rate, I enjoyed going through them and finishing them up.

So back to the sleepyness. I went to bed last night about 10PM, which is very early for me. Perhaps it might be better to say I took a nap at 10PM last night since I woke up between midnight and one. That's why I'm writing a blog post at 2 in the morning now. At some point I should give some thought about going back to bed for real this time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend, I saw all my nieces and nephews, all my aunts and uncles on my dad's side of the family, all my siblings, rebuilt 5.5 billion rows of data, and played APA pool for the 1st time since I moved back to Louisville.

Between all that, I'm really tired. I probably didn't get to do as much family stuff as I would have if I hadn't been working so much, but it was a good weekend.