Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What if the Lord of the Rings movies had been cast like Tarintino films?

I first thought of what the movies would have been like if Samuel L. Jackson had been given the role of Gandalf.

Gandalf [facing the balrog]: You shall not pass mother...

So (not that the Tolkein estate would ever allow a travesty like this to come to pass) here's my casting proposal:

Gandalf: Samuel L Jackson
Saruman: Ving Rhames
Elrond: Christopher Walken
Galadriel: Uma Thurman
Aragorn: Bruce Willis
Boromir: John Travolta
Legolas: Brad Pitt
Gimli: Kurt Russel
Eomer: Tim Roth
Eowyn: Daryl Hannah
Faramir: Michael Madsen
Denethor: Harvey Keitel
Arwen: Rose McGowan